Konjac Sponge: natural vegetable fibre cleansing sponge

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Wash away dirt with these natural konjac sponges, perfect for cleansing your face. 4 Assorted Sponges: Bamboo Charcoal, Lemon, Green Tea, Lavender. Konjac Roots. 

bamboo charcoal konjac (Black) - controls oily skin ad tightens pores for use with combination and oily skin. 

lemon konjac (yellow) - removes dark spots and acne. Rich in vitamin C, and beauties and whitens skin! 

green tea konjac (green) - protects skin from UV damage, keeps skin flexible, tight, and smooth. 

lavander konjac (purple) - helps with anxiety and restlessness. Also helps cells regenerate when skin is damaged.