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We are SOLD 👏🏻ON👏🏻THESE👏🏻 Dock & Bay Styles  🌊👏🏻👙   - they have the cutest prints and colors - they dry so quick- 3x faster than a standard cotton towel - they are CRAZY absorbent - they come in a cute bag- easy for traveling! - no odors AND won't collect damp smells - one shake and SAND FREE - compact & lightweight - elastic hook - to hang it out to dry -AND THEY FEEL AMAZING.    Priced at $20-$25 on select styles. Find them in store and online today. 

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La Belle Vie is showcasing our summer style with a selection of rompers!  Did you know rompers appeared in the United States of America in the early 1900s. While primarily a play garment, some French children wore dressy rompers. Their popularity peaked in the 1950s when they were used by children as playwear and by women as leisure—and beachwear. Find a few of our fave leisure and dressy rompers here:  This Little Black Jumper (LBJ) stands toe to toe with that must have little black dress. Stand out in this dressy, one piece that is versatile enough to have you...

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