LBV Styling Tips

LBV Styling Tips

Buy for your body type: 

Knowing your body type will save you from making the biggest fashion faux pas. Take a body type quiz to see if you are a pear, apple, hourglass, rectangular, triangle or round. You can even find famous women with your body type and grab a few style ideas and tips from them. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable, then you will probably look uncomfortable. Keep your body in mind and highlight all you have to show off!


Invest in a few classic staples: 

Think “Little Black Dress” for one. You can build an entire wardrobe with a few classic items as your centerpieces. That Little Black Dress can be dressed up with heels, a clutch, and statement accessories or dressed down with flats, a scarf, and an oversized bag. Think solid color, must have item that can easily be accentuated, and timeless items. 


Pay attention to care labels:

After you’ve invested in your key pieces, be sure you wash and dry them according to their labels. Your clothes will last longer if you follow their directions. 


Plan ahead: 

Take the time to think about upcoming events, your schedule, and who you may want to make a great first impression on before you go out. Keep the weather and climate in mind. Planning ahead will take the guess work out of getting ready each day and can help keep you better organized. 


Wear what works: 

Once you get a good feel for your body types, styles, and taste you will find your own unique style. Stick with what makes you feel and look your best. You can easily add those accent pieces and grow your list of staples to rotate your wardrobe. 


Remember, your style selections are a reflection of you. Be you, beautiful. 

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